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Electronic Personal Thermal Control Technology means having control over your core body temperature. We don’t like heating sensations, we like real change you can feel and see with a thermometer— that’s our difference. We don’t want our customers to feel warm, we want them to be warm. We are not warming your chest, your neck, your back or any other area most commonly used by traditional heated gear. Sure, heating these areas can make someone feel warm, but are you really warm if your temperature doesn’t change?

There are only two areas on the human body that when heat is applied can produce a change in core body temperature: the pulse point areas on your inner wrists and your inner ankles. Currently, our patented technology takes advantage of your inner wrists and gently warms the blood as it passes through. This blood is circulated back to your heart and is then pumped throughout your entire body from head to toe. We are effectively making you warm from the inside out.

For more details on our technology, check out our Utility Patent for Electronic Personal Thermal Control.

SmartCoat with Electronic Personal Thermal Control Technology inside is the first jacket in the world to MAKE you warm and keep you connected. Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices (phone or watch), users connect to their jacket using the MyCore Jacket App and enjoy variable temperature control, Bluetooth capabilities, virtual reality surround sound, and push-button retractable ear buds–all while your jacket is charging your phone.


SmartCoat features variable temperature control that can easily be adjusted using the temperature dial in the MyCore Jacket App.


Your phone’s already tucked away in your pocket? No problem, adjust your heat manually through 3 different heat settings using the button on your SmartCoat.


VRSS means a seamless experience between you and your audio. By surrounding your head with high-fidelity external sound, we’ve used natural acoustics to effectively immerse users inside their audio and bring their music, movie, or video game to life.


Forget tirelessly trying to untangle your earbuds–it’s 2017, and we are over that. Try pushing a button instead.


With Voice Activation, your SmartCoat just became your assistant. Talk to your jacket like you would your smart phone and ask it to make a phone call, read a text, get the latest sports scores updates, and more.

Don’t worry about forgetting your phone charger ever again. It’s built into your jacket. Charge your phone anywhere, anytime.

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