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Mission: “Improve the daily lives of people through excellence in product innovation”

Innovation lives at My Core Control, Inc.

Carefully weaving technology and creativity together, we push the limits of science and product design.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, we operate passionately as a Wearable Technology Company specializing in “Personal Thermal Control” (PTC).

We believe no one should have to suffer from the bitter cold, whether it’s your grandma who can’t seem to stay warm, or the airline worker on the tarmac in the heart of winter. No matter the person, everyone deserves the opportunity to be comfortable and warm.

“Personal Thermal Control Products” offer people just that. Other heating technology in the marketplace gives users a heating sensation, similar to what’s felt when using a heating blanket. This is only surface, skin-level heat and is quite temporary.

PTC Products actually change your core body temperature—for the first time in human history. We don’t make people feel warm, we make people be warm.

“Personal Thermal Control Products” include any apparel, outerwear, accessory or footwear enhanced with My Core Control Technology Inside™. Learn more about our technology hear.

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